/ The FDV 22 MF welding carriage is versatile useable for mechanized longitudinal (MIG/MAG) welding operations. A strong permanent magnet on the base of the carriage gives highest traction and allows travelling on vertical and oblique surfaces without using a track system.

Standard equipment
/ Compact and lightweight design
/ Battery powered – no mains cable necessary
/ Strong permanent magnet for highest traction and vertical travelling without a track
/ Onboard control unit
/ Guide wheels automatically track the torch in the filled joint
/ Universal torch holder for manual- and machine torches / Integrated path–measuring system
/ Limit switch function in both directions
/ Battery charger (230 V) and battery (14.4 V/3 Ah)
/ Connection cable to power source (Tuchel) 10 m

/ Torch oscillation FOU 30/ML6
/ Battery charger FDV MF
/ Rechargeable battery 14.4 V/3 Ah / Brushes
/ Additional magnet
/ Stainless steel wheels